04 November 2013

Afton's Room

I want to thank all of you who have stuck around through my lack of posts.  I honestly have been so busy with helping run Mr T's business and my own (not to mention my kids' extracurricular activities) that when I do get some spare time I just want to put my legs up and relax.  Now the weather is warming up I'm hoping I'll be able to tackle the stuff I have in storage.

I did however manage to finish Afton's bedroom.  You may recall (if you can think that far back) that I finished redecorating my eldest daughter's bedroom.  Well Afton's was the biggie as it required gutting out the entire room, insulating and re-lining the walls.  I added some picture rail at the top to break up the room as the ceilings are quite high.  Here are the before and afters..

An ugly eighties mirrored wardrobe used to run along this wall next to the door

Believe it or not this house was lined with straw when it was first built just after WWII.

Affy sits here every afternoon.  She absolutely loves it :)

I still had this memo board that I made from last year which happened to have the exact colours that matched the room.

I must have the shakes lately because every shot I've taken is blurry.  

We have a horrendous mosquito problem where we live so I've had to put up these huge nets to stop them getting in.

Afton is obsessed with Monster High dolls so I turned these shelves into an extra dollhouse to accommodate them.

The rattan mirror used to be poo brown.  Rather than buy a new one I painted it white.

Her doll house is looking a little shabby now, but she still loves it.

So as you can see, even though there's only 20 months between my two girls they are chalk and cheese!  Here's another pic of Jariah's room...

And Afton's...

NOW we're finally ready for the kitchen!  Mr T completely gutted it on the weekend so hopefully within the next couple of months we'll have a brand new one.  :)

Megs x


11 September 2013

Recycling and Redecorating

Two of my favourite things to do!  Mr T and I have been quite busy redecorating both our daughters' bedrooms.  My youngest daughter's room required the most work.  Ripped off walls, ripped up carpet, installed insulation, re-lined walls, electrical etc.  We are waiting on some built in cupboards to go in next week and it should be all but finished.

In the meantime our 8 year old's room only required painting and re-carpeting.  The carpet I chose to be laid was quite light in colour.  When the carpet layers got here I left them to it and went about my business.  After they had laid it and were doing the finishing touches I walked in to find that it wasn't the carpet I ordered!  It was the same style but in charcoal - the COMPLETE opposite of what I ordered!  I thought I was going to have to call an ambulance when I told the poor carpet guy.  However, I told him I actually preferred it dark - much to his relief.  And the nearly black is perfect for my girls' rooms - less for me to spot clean and a nice discount from the carpet man.  Hooray for a happy mistake! :)

I don't really have a "before" shot as such (e.g. how it was decorated), but here are some photos of the progress:

My two daughters are like chalk and cheese.  Jariah (my 8 year old) loves everything to be bright, bold and busy.  Too many colours isn't really my cup of tea but admittedly I did have fun decorating it with her.  She initially wanted black, white and pink.  There was no way I was having pink walls so I thought one black wall would be a good idea and the rest of the walls white.  I also managed to sneak in some other colours.  Firstly I started with this desk that used to belong to my mother when she was a young girl.  It went to my niece a few years ago and it came to me recently with about 50 coats of paint on it.

It still had my Mum's handwriting inside the drawers from when she was about 12 years old so there was no way I was painting over that.

I lined the drawers with fabric to protect the memories :)

Here it is pinkified:

I also recycled this mirror and an old ugly lamp...

I'm still to add a few finishing touches however here are some more pics of the whole room...

Normally I wouldn't have a double bed against the wall however my kids are always rolling around on the floor and dancing around like lunatics so I wanted to give them as much space as possible to play.

(The quality of the photos isn't that great unfortunately - unless its my eyes.  They look pretty blurry.  I need a camera that can just magically get it right for me without me having to do any work - any suggestions?)

I wanted her room to reflect her personality, not look like a show home.  It's bold, bright and busy but just right for her and I have one happy kid.

Have a terrific day :)

Megs x


01 September 2013

My Hallway Transformation

We have been renovating for a hundred eight years now but I feel like we're on the home stretch.  The bathroom's done as well as the laundry/shower room, master bedroom and home office.  We are still working on our daughters' rooms however while we were at it I noticed our second hallway was looking like drab and dark.  It was really just a negative space where our linen cupboard is, which leads to the main bathroom and bedroom.  Here's what it looked like:

I thought this was an ideal place to have our family photos however it needed something else to make it more warm and inviting.

Look at it now!

I've always loved the look of grasscloth wallpaper so after waiting 7 weeks for delivery Mr T tried his hand at putting it up.  He did a wonderful job.  Since I spent a fortune on the wallpaper I had to save where I could so I picked up a secondhand hall table for $70 and the new picture frames I got cheap from eBay.  It's still a little dark so I have asked Mr T to put in a skylight at some stage.

Next on the list is a new kitchen!

Megs x