12 December 2011

A Lazy Susan and Another Feature!

Before I begin, just a reminder that my Saturday Splendour Party is still open, so come link up your projects!

My Mum Chris was in the mood for another small project so she decided to attack her lazy Susan.  No, she didn't attack a woman called Susan who happened to be vegging out on her couch eating a bag of chips.  That would just be mean.  The lazy Susan I am referring to is one of those round thingies that spin around on your dining table that you put your salt and pepper shakers and the like on. Or you can put it on the floor and sit on it for a bit of a laugh.  Whatever.  Alls I know is that if I sat on it you wouldn't see the lazy Susan :(

Anyway, her inspiration for the design came from - wait for it - her mouse pad!  When she showed me I told her that it would be a fabulous idea.

This is the mouse pad:

Mosaic version:

Gorgeous right?  The only problem I have with this is that the photos don't do these things justice.  Because the tiles are glass, the photos don't quite capture the true colours, which is a real shame.  The stems of the flower are like a deep purple, kind of like amethyst.  

I have nicknamed it Sooz the Stunner.

I also want to give another shout-out to Roadkill Rescue for again featuring me.  My blue side table was the star this time.  I you haven't checked out their website, you're missing out!  

Megs x



Brandi said...

So pretty! Your mom does beautiful work! Congratulations on your feature!!

Jackie said...

Your mum does amazing work!

Restyled Vintage said...

Meg that is stunning, it reminds me of the stencil that Young House Love used on their study wall...go and show them the project, they might feature it and your blog will be seen by thousands!

xx Karen

lauren @ West Furniture Revival said...

Beautiful! Your mum really has an eye for the mosaic's

jeanetteann said...

That is soooo nice. I want to do mine now., Oh to have more time in a day. Well done Chris x jeanetteann