30 January 2011

Wall Art and a bit of somethin' somethin'

Wow - it's HOT!  43°c here in Adelaide today.  It has been fairly hot the last few days so I haven't even bothered to venture outside to start on the projects I have sitting in the carport. 

I went to Ikea yesterday and stocked up on some fabric.  Although their range is limited, it's so much cheaper than Spotlight and other fabric stores.  So with the airconditioner cranked up to the max, I continued on with Jariah's beach bedroom by making some wall art. 

I thought this fabric was perfect and I think it looks fabulous!  What do you think?

Also while I've been stuck indoors I recovered a small bench that I had painted. 

I purchased a coffee table for $20 a while ago but it's dark timber really made the loungeroom feel heavy.  So a few weeks ago I painted it white (I know what you're thinking - white AGAIN?).  But it does look crisp and clean and our loungeroom isn't large so the white really lifts it.  I did take a before photo a few months ago but you think I can find it?!

Well, that's my weekend done.  Now I'm going to find the coolest spot in the house and just vegetate.  School's back tomorrow - and the villagers rejoice!  HOORAYYYY!

26 January 2011

My First "Glaze"

Happy Australia Day to all my fellow Aussies!  The street is busy with barbies and games of cricket in the back yards.  I can hear the laughter and smell the sausages, but all the while thinking of the people affected by the floods knowing that they no longer have a home let alone a back yard to play in.  I hope today of all days they are doing something special and are surrounded by their loved ones.

Because it is such a beautiful day here I thought I'd go outside and try my hand at my first "glazing" project.  I think this is an American term, but I got the gist of how to to do it. 

Here is a table I got on ebay for $15.

When I got it home I removed the glass top and the wallpaper under it.  Look what I found...

I wasn't sure if I liked it or thought it was ugly.  I was confused.  But it was certainly "interesting".  So I painted the whole table white and distressed it lightly.  Then I got a little black paint in a container and mixed lots of water in it.  I dabbed the etching with a paint soaked rag then used a wet cloth to wipe the excess off.   Hooray it worked!

Excuse the pesky fly on the right.  We're surrounded by them at the moment.  That's summer for you.

Don't you want this house surrounded by palm trees and beach?  I DO!!  Oh to dream...
I might get sick of it and put some fabric and the glass back on, but for the time being I find it quite relaxing to look at. 

22 January 2011

A Chair is Just a Chair

Why are we ladies so fascinated with these things?  Blokes would say they're just something we park our butts on when we feel lazy.  But I'm hooked.  I'll even admit that some simply take my breath away.

Last year I picked up three chairs all for $2.35.  I had no idea what I was going to do with them.  They're really nothing special, but I was told I had to get them out of the carport :(  So today has been all about chairs.  I had some fabric left over that I wanted to use up.  They look so much better than they did when I bought them.  

Here's what they look like now:

I don't plan on keeping any of these.  The top one I'm going to give to a friend who's expecting a little girl.

I figured while I was on a roll I would recover our computer desk chair that I've had since 1999! It was pretty grubby, especially since the children have taken over my computer. But oh so comfortable.   I actually put it out on the kerb initially, hoping someone would take it.  But I saw someone's blog post where they had reupholstered theirs (I thought it couldn't be done).  I was inspired.  Here is the ugly blue monster.

I needed some muscle for this one.  That's where the "bloke" came in.  He helped me pull it apart.  Then I used the grubby material as a template to cut my fabric, and used my new air staple gun to recover it.

There is actually nothing wrong with the foam at all and it is still very "ergonomical".

After a polish it now looks almost brand new!

So maybe have a think before you throw out your old desk chair!

While we're on the topic of chairs, check out Drab to Fab to see some more amazing chairs in their CHAIR PARTY!  Just click on the button below :)

And here's a couple of others I did last year... 

 From this...

 To this (still to be painted white)...

Megs x

21 January 2011

More freebies

A few months ago my husband was on his way home from work and saw three identical tables sitting on the side of the road.  So he hauled them into his van and took them over to my Mum (he is a wonderful son-in-law).  They're not really pretty, but "interesting" and he knows that Chris is always on the look out for something to mosaic.  Unfortunately I didn't take before photos of the tables, but here is the first one that Chris has added her magic to.

Pretty spectacular huh?  Two more to go (and one of those is for me).  As I said, the table frame itself is kinda different, but terrific for outdoor entertaining! 

She has been doing the classes for the last five months or so and now her teacher has asked her to teach! Mainly because she thinks outside the box and is quite bold with her choices.  But she's not quite comfortable with that just yet as she still feels she has a lot to learn.  But I think her stuff is brilliant!

Megs x

18 January 2011

Nit Nightmare

Nits (aka headlice) - not a pleasant subject I know, but I'm sure all you mothers out there know how infuriating these things are.  It's school holidays and my daughter still managed to catch the little buggers!  Although we have had quite a few kids visiting over the holidays.  So, after every single item of bedding washed  and parting with $50 to give to the chemist (who I'm sure could live quite comfortably from the ridiculous amount of money they make on this stuff), I went home to spend the next two hours de-nitting the girls' hair.  (By the way, what is the difference between nit lotion and nit shampoo?!)  My youngest girl Afton has quite fine hair so that's easy.  But Jariah (my five year old) has the thickest mop of hair of anyone I've ever met.  Here's a pic so you get the gist.

Don't be hating on me when I tell you that I have put the straightener through it on a few occasions.  But to be able to let it go for four days and I where I can actually brush it is heaven! 

Can't you just picture those horrible critters having a party in there?  Entertaining their friends, hookin' up, making babies... :( 

Anyhoo, after some sweat (and tears) I managed to kill them.  We are due for another session in a couple of days.  My daughters decided to make the most of the occasion by performing a dance to pass the time.  Here's their latest hit:


Affy is the little stringbean who's dancing around like a lunatic.  I think she's trying to do a bit of Riverdance in there somewhere.  I've told her it's "Irish" dancing, but she insists it's "Orange" dancing.

I'm tired of these nits.  Who would have thought that something so little could make a person so crazy?  I find I'm even dreaming about them!   Hopefully we will be rid of them completely by the end of the week and we will be nit free for the next few weeks until school starts :(

08 January 2011

Revamped Bench/Storage Seat

Afternoon everyone.  You may recall from my post late last year about all my upcoming projects.  I've finally finished one (with the help of my lovely Mum)!  This bench/storage seat was given to me by my Aunty.  I decided to paint it white (surprise surprise), and make a cover for it.  Initially I wanted to just cover the lid, but it got too complicated when it came to the top corners so Chris (my Mum) suggested that we just make a cushion for it.  Thanks to her skillful sewing (and me hovering over her taking it all in), we came up with something beautiful.  Here is the before...

It was missing some bits of timber on the front panel and also had some big chips at the end of the arms.  We found the exact matching timber at Bunnings and then I got out the old Builders Bog to fix the arms.

Here is the final result:

Now I have somewhere to store all the boardgames!

I'm not sure whether I'm going to distress it slightly to make some of the features of the seat stand out, but I don't want to regret my decision later.  What do you think?

Linked up to Drab to Fab 

Megs x

06 January 2011

Retro/French Stool Makeover

I purchased this old stool from ebay for about $10. The cover had certainly seen better days.

I sanded it back and spray painted with silver. The foam was in pretty good condition surprisingly and considering how expensive foam is, I decided to stick with this one. I had some fabric at home already which I thought would be perfect for it. Here is the final product.

Initially I just covered it but it looked a little "boring".  I'd always admired that tufted look with the buttons. I had never attempted putting buttons on before and the truth it just looked too complicated for me with the threading etc - and I'm very impatient! I never understood how they got the fabric over the button? Then I saw the kit at Spotlight and it was ridiculously simple - doh!  It was after I covered the stool that I realised I wanted to put the buttons on but didn't want to pull it all apart to do it.  From reading a couple of other blogs, I tried it a different way (with a little touch of my own).

So with my buttons ready and put to the side, I got out my brand new super duper air staple gun (which was a Christmas present from my very good husband), and attached it to our air compressor.

I placed the staple gun over the spot where I wanted the first button and gave it a whack.  The staple went right through to the bottom of the timber, but unfortunately it went right through the top of the fabric and left a little tear in it.  So I got the plastic covering from my glue gun packaging and cut out a small piece.  Then I folded it over and placed it over the spot again, with the plastic being something the staple could hold onto.

I then inserted some hot glue from my hot glue gun on top of the staple/plastic and simply placed the button on top. 

All done! 

I'm not sure where I'm going to put it yet, or even whether I'm going to keep it.  But for the time being I'm happy to just look at it and admire my "first time" buttons!  Yay!

Megs x