18 June 2011

Queen Anne Bedroom Suite

Thank goodness I've finally finished this project.  It had been sitting in the carport forever.

I bought this Queen Anne dresser with stool and bedside tables on ebay for $70, which I think was a pretty good price.

It was painted a light pink acrylic and had quite a few chips in the paint, but other than that was in pretty good condition.  The handles were beautiful!

The first thing to go was that fuzzy butt stool covering.  Blah.  I don't mind pink in small doses but this was just too much.  I decided to go with white so after giving it a sand and filling in some minor holes and chips, I gave it two undercoats and then two coats of high gloss white enamel for protection - and good looks.  Nothing original with this one I'm afraid - I just stuck to the traditional white.

Oops, just noticed that little bit of fabric tufting out on the right side of the stool!  I'll fix it tomorrow. :p

I lined the drawers with the same fabric as the stool.

It did seem a bit of a mishmash with the retro mirror handles together with the traditional glass handle but I really dig it...

No the handles aren't crooked.  They actually spin believe it or not.

And yes I know there is a screw missing but it came to me with only one screw on each side for some reason.  Still works.

Now it's ready to sell.  I really am running out of room in my house now as I have started painting things inside because it's too bloody cold outside to do anything!  Hopefully it'll sell fast, although I'm not quite sure what to price it at yet.  I will have to do some research I think.

I'm hoping my next project will knock your socks off.  Mr T and I have been very busy with this one (he's turned it into his baby now).   We can't wait to get it finished and it'll definitely be a one of a kind piece!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Megs x

16 June 2011

A Freaky Story and a Bowl of Fruit

One has nothing has to do with the other by the way.

I'll start with the bowl of fruit, which is Chris' latest mosaic piece.  Mum finished this wall hanging yesterday...

I love the glass tiles she used in this piece and the blue tile was perfect for the window...

I had to take so many photos to capture the colours, as a lot of the time with mosaics (especially glass tiles) the photos don't do it justice.

I can picture this hanging in a big country kitchen somewhere.  But for now it will be displayed in an exhibition which Chris has been asked to participate in.  Go Mum!

As for the freaky story, it's kinda in keeping with my last eerie story about the dressing table.

So, last night I sold the vintage telephone table on ebay.  This lovely lady, who's name is Peppa, rang me this morning to arrange pick up for this evening.  She mentioned that she had seen some of the other stuff I sell on ebay and how much she liked it.   Anyway, after the phone call I went to pick up Mum to go shopping at Marion, which is an enormous shopping mall.  Once inside the shopping centre we walk past the first shop which is a bed linen place that also sells lovely homewares.  I stopped and turned back and asked Mum to come in and have a look.  Whilst "ooohing" and "aaaahing" over all the gorgeous homewares, one of the sales ladies came up to ask if we needed assistance.  I told her we were just looking and said how lovely all the decor was.  We then engaged in general chit chat about it and I told her that I restore old furniture and I like this kind of stuff for staging purposes.  She said "Oh yes, I've seen that people are doing that.  Now I'm addicted to ebay.  I bought this beautiful old telephone table last night which has been restored...".  Immediately I look to Mum and get goosebumps from head to toe, and we stand there with our mouths open.  I grab Peppa by the arm and she looks at me and asks "Are you Megan?"!!!

So we stood there for the next five minutes absolutely freaking out and shaking our heads in disbelief.  Again, out of all the people in Adelaide and out of all stores, the first one I walk into.... It's crazytown I tell ya!

I have come to the definite conclusion that this is the Universe giving me a big kick in the bum to tell me that I'm on the right track and to keep going with it.

In the past twelve months I have discovered some things about myself:

1. Restoring furniture is my "art" and by having this creative outlet it has helped me through my Cyclothymia illness like you wouldn't believe.  Not one visit to the doctor in the last seven to eight months;
2.  I am truly in my happiness; and best of all
3.  I have inspired friends/family to find their happiness.

I hope you have found yours.

Megs x

14 June 2011

I was featured on The 36th Avenue

My vintage telephone table was featured today by Desiree at The 36th Avenue along with some other fantastic makeovers!  Hooray!  It was a lovely surprise and she also awarded me a special sticker

How cool is that?

I'm chuffed.  Thanks Desiree!  Please mosey on over to her gorgeous blog and check out her linky party and other terrific stuff.  She's also done something incredible to a roll top from an old desk which I just HAVE to try.  Here's Desiree's button

36th Avenue

Go on, I know you want to.  

Megs x

10 June 2011

Mini Makeover

Well, it wasn't so "mini" since I had to do this one twice.  The first makeover looked a little "special" in an awful retro seventies looking way.  Don't get me wrong, I like stuff from the seventies, but not on something with cabriole legs.

I had purchased this old telephone seat from a thrift shop for $12

I immediately thought of going white or black, but I'm getting a little sick of doing the same thing so my husband suggested I should go green and thought that olive would be a good choice.  Maybe it's because he's Italian and loves olives?  Who knows.  I was convinced briefly so I went ahead and did it, ignoring my gut.  This is what happened...

BLAH!!  I distressed a bit on the edges but it still looked like it had been savagely hit with the ugly stick.  (If you actually LIKE the olive, then please don't be offended by my comment.  I'm not saying that your taste is questionable, it just wasn't workin' for me).

Back to the drawing board.  It had to be black because by this time I was over it and didn't want to be giving it four coats of white to hide the olive.  I had a tea towel amongst my fabrics which had never been used and thought it would be perfect for this project.  Here it is now:

The tea towel just managed to fit over the sides.  I used the remainder of the towel to line the drawer (and decided to keep the olive inside the drawer).

Should I distress it slightly?  Do you think the knob looks ok or should I have repainted the old handle and put that back on?  I don't mind it the way it is, but feedback and constructive criticism is always good.  C'mon, I can take it.

I hope you're all having a fabulous Friday!  

Megs x

I was featured!  

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