30 August 2011

Awesome Finds

Hard waste collection this week - mwoooahahah!  I am absolutely gobsmacked at what some people consider rubbish.  Here are some goodies we picked up from the footpath in the last couple of days...

Not a THING wrong with these tables!

One leg on each of these chairs is a little wobbly but nothing that can't be fixed...

Some more goodies that I've picked up cheap and can't wait to get my hands on...

I scored this big ass TV cabinet for $50.  We're pretty sure it's made of oak.  It's crazy heavy but luckily it has casters hidden underneath.  I'm going to take out all the slidey things from the inside and put some shelving in.

The bottom doors slide out and have shelving inside.  I'm going to remove the CD rack inside obviously.  This can just be unscrewed and the shelves left in.

As soon as I saw these bedside tables at the Salvos I nearly jumped on them. They were $50 each BUT they are antique and I love the curves in the wood.  It would be criminal to paint them so I plan on re-varnishing and putting in my bedroom.  Love love love 'em...

Now I'm just putting the finishing touches on my dining suite which is all but finished.  I should have some photos soon.

Here is a photo of the new addition to our family. He is about 8 weeks old and is cuteness all over.  His name is Archie and he and my puppy Levi have become great mates :)

This is Archie about to climb up my leg and latch on to my neck!

Megs x

24 August 2011

Rose Table

Chris finished another adorable mosaic table a couple of weeks ago.  While Mum was soaking up the rays in Bali (and buying me lots of goodies), her table was displayed in the South Australian Living Artists Exhibition, and it sold on the second day!  

It has the same base as the water lily table she finished a few months ago...

Beautiful work :)

Megs x

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19 August 2011

Old Dining Chair

I've got some big projects going on at the moment, but I've managed to squeeze in this little one in the meantime.

I picked up this chair from the road side, the seat was in great condition aside from the fabric.

If you look at the front of the chair to the left, it's missing the little curved bit on the leg, so I took the one from the other side at the back and put it at the front.  I used one of my many sample tins to give it a creamy beige colour, lightly distressed it then gave it a stain over the top to give it the rustic look.

I had this fabric sitting in the cupboard which I thought was perfect for it.

It's old and not a perfect chair, but that's what I like about it :)

Megs x

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03 August 2011

What's your poison?

A while back I came across these vintage magazines on ebay which I scored for $11...

They are British women's mags from 1956/7.  As soon as I saw them I knew exactly what to do with them.  Immediately I thought of martinis and decided they would look great on a drinks cabinet.  Luckily I had the perfect one sitting out in the garage.

Mr T found this cabinet on an abandoned block along with my BFF's dressing table -  you know, the one that he brought home to me a few hours before my best friend arrived from interstate and it turned out it used to belong to her!  I'm still weirded out by that story, but in a good way :)

Here's a photo of the cabinet when it came to me:

Pretty nasty eh?  It was covered in yucky veneer which I ended up scraping off the curvy bits completely...

Behind the door it had a few shelves but Mr T and I decided that it would be a great place for a wine rack so we cut out some MDF and then drew some circles where we could have holes for the bottles...

The next step was putting in appropriate shelving to rest the bottles on and some strips of foam to go down the sides to keep the bottles separated.  Unfortunately I don't have any photos of this step, but you get the drift.

I decided I wanted the whole thing silver.  Have you ever used silver paint?  We tried everything but everytime we touched it, silver would rub off on our fingers even though I used an enamel (apparently it's the silver leaf mineral they put in it or somethin' that leaves a powdery residue).  I gave it a spray of poly over the top thinking that it would stop it from rubbing off but then it came out all smudgy.   So in the end I threw my hands up in defeat and decided to go with a matt black.

And here she is in all her glamorous glory!

 It was my first time using Mod Podge and can I just say it ROCKS!  Mr T was also amazed.

Now who's for a drink?

Megs x

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