30 September 2011

Black and Blue

A work colleague kindly gave me a tired old wooden highchair that she had stashed away in the shed.  It was in good condition, but just plain and boring.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a "before" photo, but you know the kind of highchair I'm talking about.

After some bright blue spray paint and some Mexican oilcloth, this is what it looks like now...

I decided the seat definitely needed some padding so I bought some thin pieces of foam from Spotlight and used tacks to put the oilcloth over the top.

After doing the seat and standing back looking at it, I realised it still looked a little boring with the tray just plain blue, so I glued some oilcloth to the tray.  I think it's really effective and the black and white is stimulating for the little ones to look at, as well as being easy to clean!

I also spruced up a little vanity stool I had sitting in my bathroom which my Mum gave me.  It was brassy and rusty and had been covered with an old cushion cover.


After giving it a good sand and a spray of Killrust and black gloss, I again used Mexican oilcloth to cover the seat.  It goes better in my bathroom now.  I can sit and talk to the girls while they're having their bath and don't have to worry about the seat getting water on it.

I've been working like a mad woman in the past couple of weeks trying to finish all my smaller stuff I have sitting in the garage.  My daughter's kindergarten is having a Ladies Market night and Mum and I will have our very first stall!  There will limited space so we've decided to just put in all our smaller pieces and have an album on display showing our larger items.

I'm nervous, but also excited as it should be a fun night!

Megs x

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27 September 2011

New Laundry

I'm over the moon that my laundry has finally finished!  Originally the space was very small.  There was only room for a trough, and a washing machine and a toilet was next to it in an enclosed room.  Tiny, grotty and OLD! Unfortunately the only "before" photo I have I took while we were in the midst of gutting it.

The house is about 65 years old.  The last owner thought it would be nice to paint the walls pink.  Pink walls, which were lined with straw!  Why you ask?  Why not? :-/  I have no idea.

After adding on a fourth bedroom we decided that another bathroom was a must.  Since our house isn't that big, I came up with the idea of combining the laundry with a shower and toilet.  Very handy for when the girls get older and for visitors of course.

I hate the blind, but I couldn't find one that suited.  I'm still on the lookout, or I might just attempt to make one myself.  I was thinking of having the bench top go right across and have a front loader underneath it, but I just couldn't part with my top loader.

The whole project didn't cost us an arm and a leg either.  Mr T bartered with the plumber, so he did all our plumbing and Mr T has to paint the front of the plumber's house.  The wall tiles and shower head he got given to him off a job site, the bench top and cupboards, including the sink, was just over $500 from Ikea, floor tiles were $160, brand new toilet we got from Mr T's daughter who had a spare (as you do) and of course all the labour was carried out by Mr T himself!  I'm so relieved it's finished.

The only room left to do is the kitchen!


26 September 2011

New Kid on the Blog maybe?

Recently Audra, a follower of this here blog, asked me for some advice after seeing the old telephone table I made over.  She has recently started revamping furniture and, like many of us, is finding it hugely addictive!  Whether she goes all cloak and dagger prowling the streets for folks' roadside junk like moi is another story, but you know after a while picking up bargains at thrift stores or the like just isn't enough anymore.  The fix is even more exhilarating when you score it for free!

She had an old telephone table (much grander than mine) sitting out in the garage that needed some lovin'.  Here is the ugly duckling...

And now the black swan!

Love love love it!  I would so buy this.  Great choice of fabric too.

A wise man once told her "START BLOGGING" (in a Godly like voice).  Well, not quite.  Actually that wise man is her husband and he has been telling her to get on to it for ages!  Smart fella he is.

Audra's got plenty more before and after photos of her other pieces so get to it Audra!  I want to see more!

Megs x

02 September 2011

Dinner for Eight

It is officially spring - hooray!  How wonderful to see new life popping up everywhere.  I'm always at my happiest in Spring.

I'm even happier that I finished my latest project.  Remember my extendable dining table and chairs that I scored for a bargain?

(Yes my floor is still concrete - tiles are coming)

You'll probably pass away after I tell you how much I paid for this.  Ready?  You sure?  Here goes..... $60!!!!  Yep, that's it.

And now I've painted it.  Please don't be hatin' on me!  This photo was taken immediately after I bought it.  The French polish on the top got a hammering after hot plates etc were placed on it and it was starting to look very ordinary.  Kids!  And aside from the hideous brown and yellow striped fabric, the colour of the whole thing was too heavy for my liking.  Initially I wanted to paint only the chairs and the bottom of the table white, but after looking at the state of the top I had to attack the whole thing.

Here it is now, with some new fabric...

As the table is such a pain in the ass to move through the door, I have to leave the table outside until its sold.  I can see you cringe but don't panic, it will be in my garage covered up and well protected.

Table retracted with the six chairs...

(Yes my decking is looking a little worse for wear.  We're hoping to replace it before the end of the year)

I love the claw capped feet.  They really finish the table off.

As much as I wanted to go bold with the fabric, I thought it best to stick to something neutral.  After all my hard work I've now decided to sell it as I couldn't bear the little girlies getting their hands on this one!  Oh how I'd love to have a big house with a formal dining room.  I have another beautiful dining table and chairs sitting in my garage to get to which, hoping it turns out ok, I will keep.

Whaddya think?

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