23 December 2012

Antique Buffet

HOT TOWN!  39 degrees today!  Can't wait for the 26 degrees that awaits us here in South Australia on Christmas Day.  Perfect!  I am hosting Christmas lunch this year and I can't wait.

In my frantic bid to clear out the carport of stuff before everyone arrives, I decided to start with one of my bigger items.  But that's as far as I got as I ran out of time.  Oh well, everything pushed up to the wall covered with tarps should suffice.

Aaanyway, here is the said antique buffet I am referring to...

She's a beauty eh?  The lady I bought it from had a smorgasboard of antiques in her house.  I was in heaven!   But unfortunately this was all I could afford on the day so it came home with me.  After some lovin' this is how it looks now...

Now someone please tell me I'm not the only one who's irritated when it comes to this.  Have any of you been dissed for "painting" antiques?  I see so many comments from people on other sites saying how "sick of seeing beautiful old pieces being painted".  In my experience the people who usually say these things are happy to let these beautiful old pieces sit in a garage somewhere collecting a family of spiders rather than putting in their house as it doesn't go with their decor.  Admittedly I think some look beautiful without being painted, but you get some pieces that are really old, damaged and tired.  At least we can get off out butt and give it some elbow grease.  It's called "upcycling".  There is nothing wrong with giving something old a fresh clean look yet still maintaining it's character and having it suit your home.  Kind of like my husband.  He's old so I have to tidy him up now and then and he doesn't mind at all.  Although his vintage leather pants from the early eighties are still in the wardrobe but they are going in the rubbish.  They cannot will not be saved.

So do you see my point?  If you don't like the way something has been transformed because it's had some paint and TLC then move on.  I know everyone is entitled to an opinion, but why be negative about something when someone has obviously put in a lot of hard work and achieved the look they were going for?

Anyway, enough of that.  Here's one last piccie...

Two more sleeps til Santa comes!  I wish you all a very safe and Merry Christmas and hope you have a great day with whoever you choose to spend it with.

Megs x



Full Circle Creations said...

I love the way this turned out. And you are so right in the negative comments. It's better that they be painted and loved then to be hidden away and not used. Right on!

Have a Merry Christmas!


Catherine said...

I just love this piece - it's absolutely beautiful and I love the colours you've chosen.

As for the negative comments - I completely agree with you. These pieces are at op shops, on the side of the road, being sold off. If the detractors would like to run around purchasing all these and then create a museum to old an d unwanted furniture they are welcome to. Until then I will keep painting them and giving them a new life!

Kirby Dunton Carespodi said...

I love this....and you are so right about refinishing some of these pieces to their former glory, but the pieces in bad shape need to be upcycled, for sure. And I hope 39 degrees is celcius...isn't it summer for you?

Stacey said...

Very unique piece - it is gorgeous!!!
Stacey of Embracing Change

Lyndel said...

love what you've done to this piece, and I adore the shape of the mirror ! Agree with you on the negative comments, some would rather see this in the garage with dad's tools and bike bits in it. Let's face it, this was not a luxury antique sideboard, it was a general piece of old furniture, which with love and a good eye for detail, you have turned into a good general piece of NEW furniture. Well done you, keep up the good work, and save us all from IKEA furniture where possible :)

Deanne Langford said...

It looks lovely and fresh and usable now!
I have some things that are family heirlooms that I wouldn't paint, but I have cleaned them up and use them, but I have no problem painting things that warrant it, particularly if it means they are going to be used and loved!

House Crazy in Michigan! said...

What a lovely transformation you have done-congratulations! This is such a beautiful and practical project. You are to be congratulated.

Small House / Big Sky Donna
White Oak Studio Designs
Hand-Painted Vintage Furniture Transformations
Blog: http://smallhouseunderabigsky.wordpress.com
Facebook: donnaallgaierlamberti@facebook.com

Mimi's Vintage Charm said...

beautiful! i absolutely love painted furniture. found you at the vintage farmhouse.

Good Time Charlie said...

Gorgeous!! You are just preserving the beauty of an Antique. It can be restored to the wood if someone wanted to do this someday, but furniture is a living thing as far as I am concerned, and giving it a new life is a wonderful thing to do. Thanks so much for sharing, I am featuring at my party this afternoon! Happy New Year. -K

Clara said...

Eres una artista, me gustan mucho tus trabajos. Vuelve pronto.
Un abrazo desde España de Clara