28 May 2012

Hello, are you still there?

Please accept my apologies. I know it might seem like I have dropped off the face of the earth, but I am still here - albeit sore. I have had an extremely sore knee for the past few weeks, even requiring crutches for a while. It didn't help matters when I travelled to Melbourne to see NKOTBSB only to afterwards spend two hours trying to get back to our hotel after the concert. No trams, no taxis, nothing. We walked all over the place and by the time I got back to the room my knee was the size of a football. After a really crappy sleep, I had to get up early in the morning to go to the airport. I managed to fight the tears whilst limping through the huge airport. The flight was ok, and I was so relieved when I landed. But then I forgot I had to hobble all the way from the gate to the exit and down the escalators. I made it halfway, turned the corner and saw how far away the exit was and broke down in a heap in the middle of the airport. During my outburst a famous footballer walked past and stared at me strangely. Yeh thanks buddy. Keep walkin'. You can imagine how relieved I was when I saw my husband's car pull up the front. Then the waterworks really started, but I was so relieved to be home.

My step-daughter rings me up last night telling me that the NKOTBSB after-party was in the same street where we were staying.  Yeh right Bec.  Because I could have done with some with some extra walking and disco dancing.

I have an appointment with the specialist next month so am hopeful things will be sorted with some minor surgery.

Therefore, I have nothing to show you.  No furniture - nada.  As well as band rehearsals I have now landed myself a part time job so I haven't even looked in the garage for the past two weeks.

But I just wanted to say thanks for sticking around and I will be back very soon.  I have a dresser I'm about to make a start on this weekend (with Mr T's help as I'm a little physically challenged at the moment).

I  hope you all have a fabulous week.

Megs x


14 May 2012

I've created a Monster!

As well as Mr T being interstate for work since last Monday, the rest of the household has come down with the flu.  Thankfully we are on the mend.  It's been cold and wet outside which has stopped me from getting to all my furniture projects waiting for me in the garage.  So while I've been cooped up indoors I continued with decorating my daughter's Monster High dollhouse.  For ages I had been surfing the net trying to find furniture for these dolls but there are only a couple of pieces, and all of which are very rare in Australia.  They are also extremely expensive.  I came across some gorgeous handcrafted ones, but they were from the other side of the world and either didn't ship to Australia or I would have had to fork out double the price just for shipping.  Bugger that for a joke!  Being the resourceful woman I am, I decided to make my own!

I started with this (I made 2 of these):

I had so much fun I couldn't stop!

...and more...

I made them with wood, strong glue and fun fabric and trim.  It also involved a bit of sewing.  Very fiddly but FUN!  And therapeutic.

I'm putting the final touches on the dollhouse in the next few days and then it's off to Melbourne to see NKOTBSB with my stepdaughter and her friends (in case you're wondering, that is "New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys).  I hear you laughing.  But I bloody LOVED New Kids on the Block when I was a teenager, particularly Joey.  I have fond memories of my girlfriends and I lining up the stairs of her house doing the dance to "Step By Step".  We became pretty good at it too.  Although these days my dodgy knee would limit my moves to just standing on one step tapping my foot.  My stepdaughter and her friends are more interested in seeing the Backstreet Boys, so I will be the old girl embarrassing them when I'm screaming like a banshee at NKOTB.

Mr T and I are ships in the night at the moment.  He flys in from Melbourne on Wednesday night, I fly over to Melbourne Thursday morning.  Then I fly back on Sunday morning and he flys out again on Monday morning!  I miss him like crazy but the work is good and worth the trip.

I'll be back in the garage next week to make a start on a dresser.  Hopefully I can convince Mr T to sand it for me while I'm gone :)

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone.

Megs x


02 May 2012

Two Toned Hall Table

I finished this hall table the other day.  I wasn't too sure about it once I'd finished it as it is a little ornate for my liking.  But I do think it looks pretty.

Here's how it looked when I got it at at the auctions...

It looks quite ok in the photo, but up close the top was in pretty bad shape.  So I stripped the top and started from scratch by staining it again.  I also painted the bottom half in a nice blue colour that I mixed myself.

My Mum is in love with this table but I think she'll be out on the street if she brings anymore of my furniture home.  She's already ditched their entire bedroom suite (except the bed) to replace it with my stuff.

As I said, it doesn't really lend itself to the style of my house so I'll be listing this one for sale.

I will be a single mother for the next few weeks as my husband is going interstate for work.  Therefore I may be a little slack with the blogging for a while.  Although I am still working on the dollhouse so I will have some photos soon.

I hope you all have a fantastic day :)

Megs x