24 June 2012

Time Out

Gee whiz have I been busy!  (Bet you haven't heard "gee whiz" since you were like 4 huh?)

Painted furniture - check.

Band rehearsals -  check.

Run around after my daughters because Mr T has left me to be a single mum for 10 days while he works interstate - check.

Start new job - check.

Quit new job - check.

Yeah you read right.  I hated it.  Do you ever get those "a-ha" moments when you realise you're a complete dick for not listening to your intuition in the beginning and then want to bang your head against something hard?  Yep, that's me.  But I gave it a go and now I'm moving on.  The women I worked with were wonderful to me but also extremely miserable in that place, mainly because of the appalling management and the parent child relationship they insist on maintaining with their employees.  EVERYTHING had to be recorded.  Every dictation I typed had to be recorded as far as what time I started, what time I finished, how long the actual dictation was, how long it took me to make a cup of tea, how long it took me to go to the loo... and it goes on.  Then to have an assessment at the end of every month picking out every single negative thing and completely ignoring the good work I do.  Well, that's what apparently happens to the others.  I was only there for five minutes. I appreciate that as firms get bigger they have to implement systems where they can monitor what everyone is doing.  But seriously, I'm not a 16 year old junior.  I'm a 38 year old responsible woman who has been doing this for 23 years.  There was no way I was going to be sitting there in ten years time wrapped in cobwebs bitching and moaning about being there yet feeling like it was too late to change things.  So I did something about it.  I am now moving on to a new job tomorrow and I'm soooo looking forward to it.  This one feels right for me.

All that aside, I now give you my latest project!  The before...

Not much wrong with it really and it was in great shape.  But those knobs!  Seriously?  What was that person thinking?

So I gave it a coat of paint and a clock-face-lift!

I used scrapbook paper for the front and Mod Podge.  I also painted the inside of the drawers for a bit of a surprise.  Do you like?  You may have seen these knobs in some of my other projects.  I love 'em, and I think they are perfect for this desk.

Now I'm going to get some beauty sleep before my big day tomorrow.  It's unlikely I'll have time to post again this week, but stay tuned for next week with my next project.  My first gig with the band is this Saturday night so I will fill you in on how things went.  Fingers crossed that they don't serve tomatoes at this event... :-/

Megs x


13 June 2012

Chippy Cupboard

...or armoire, whatever the appropriate word is for a cabinet like this.  This old 1920's cupboard came to me early last year but had been hiding among the mountain of other stuff I have piled up in my garage.  When I decided to transform one of the bedrooms into a home office/study I really needed something for storage and this was perfect.

I believe the previous owner was using it as a TV cabinet and it had no backing and one shelf.  And it was very red!

With a new backing which I covered in material, painted white and roughed up a bit here is it how it looks now in my home office...

I LOVE it and it's a great little storage area for vases etc hence the reason I chose to keep the one shelf for those tall items.

I could have chosen a nicer fabric, but I really wanted to use this one up which I've had forever and I figure since it's hidden it doesn't really matter.

I wanted to keep the original little latch at the top which keeps the door closed.  I think it gives it character.  Although I think I will put little glass knobs on the doors later down the track.

I've also been on a roll with my doll furniture having made a number of sales and yesterday someone offered to buy ALL pieces I currently have listed on eBay.  Hooray!  Here are a few I've made recently...

I started my new job last week. The first day I came home to my husband saying "Oh no, what have I done?!".  But it's now week two and I have settled in nicely.  It feels soooo good to earn money.  Weirdly enough it has also prompted me to get stuck into my furniture again AND the doll furniture!  Oh and of course there's the new band I've joined.  After a few months of rehearsals and getting playlists together we have our first gig on 30th June.  Have I taken on too much?  We'll see.  But for the time being things are good and I'm enjoying staying busy.

Megs x


08 June 2012

Featured on Beach Vintage

Good morning!  Some of you may remember my black and pink dresser I posted about late last year.  Well the fabric that I chose for the chair and the inside of the drawers was a purchase from Fabric Traders, who I always refer to when I'm looking for that something extra special.  I also made over my daughters' desk chair and lamp with some of their beauties!  Here is a reminder:

See full post here! 

Fabric Traders also have a terrific blog called Beach Vintage and they have been most kind to feature me today!

So if you have time, please mosey on over and take a look and if you're on the lookout for some beautiful home decor fabrics check out the Fabric Traders website.  I can spend hours on their site drooling over my keyboard.

Megs x