29 August 2012

Introducing "Drama Queen"

After approximately eighteen months of racking my brain as to what to do with this dresser I've finally finished it.  This dresser was screaming out for something special, not just a lick of paint.  If you have been following my blog for over eighteen months you might recall the freaky/eerie/awesome story of this dresser and how it came to me.  Before I tell you about it (and trust me, you'll be absolutely gobsmacked by this), here's some before and after shots of the "Drama Queen":

As soon as I saw this fabric I knew it belonged to the dresser.  After a few coats of Mod Podge it came up a treat.

Now as I mentioned there is a very peculiar story about how this dresser came to me.  This was one birthda present that I was not expecting!  The following is a post that my best friend Charity wrote at the time:

Seventeen years ago a young woman relocated to South Australia to repeat year 12.  A young woman with ambition, she knew she needed to be away from friends to 'buckle down'.  She set up camp in a cheap rental and was donated some furniture by her father and step mother.  Upon completion of the year she paid it forward and gave her meagre furniture possessions away, in turn helping someone else to establish their cheap and nasty rental.  She returned to her home in the Northern Territory. 

Fast forward almost 20 years.  The girl, no longer a girl, flies to South Australia to visit her best friend.  They are planning to celebrate a birth and memorialise a death.  The friend enjoys explaining her new passion for restoring old furniture.  She has acquired some new pieces - just 12 hours earlier her husband had brought home a dresser and cabinet which he had found on an abandoned job site.  The woman laughs with her friend, joking that it looks like she had somehow travelled back in time to burlgarise her old cheap little rental.  Then she noticed that dresser.  "Oh my god this looks exactly like the one I used to have" she said, knowing there was no way it really was.  However, she still felt compelled to go and open the drawer, looking for the tell tale sign that surely could not have survived 20 years.  As the drawer opened, a gasp was drawn from the woman - there it was.  There lining the drawers was the naff purple wrapping paper with the gold exclamation 'Merry Christmas'.  In that instant she replays in her mind the day she installed this unconventional protection for her underwear!  The logical part of her mind tried to debunk the reality that was now staring her in the face, who could believe it?  

So I am the girl, Charity, Megan being my best friend and in a strange twist of fate 12 hours before I landed to stay with Megan, her husband had brought her home my old dresser complete with the old drawer lining to prove the point.  I asked Megee "What do you think the universe is trying to tell us?"  Perhaps that we are still inexplicably linked after 24 years of friendship through distance and time?  Or was it our friend and former housemate Jason (who we affectionately called Noodle) now passed on, whose one year memorial we planned to honour the very next day, playing some trick knowing full well how we would wonder and analyse with awe at such a 'coincidence'?


At the age of 14 I came to Adelaide to visit family which coincided with Charity's trip to visit her father here.   I remember sitting at this very dresser desperately trying, in vain, to fix my fuzznut hair before heading out for New Years Eve.   Now out of all the people in South Australia, it found it's way to me.

I sent a photo of the dresser to Charity today and she absolutely loves it.  I thought about sending it to her in Darwin, but she feels that I should display it in the window of my new shop when I eventually open one - seeing as it has magical powers and all.  Bahahahaha!  But you never know, it could just be my good luck charm. ;o)

Megs x


16 August 2012

New Old Dresser

Further to my last post (which seems a million years ago), I have been busily sanding, painting, breaking things, swearing, painting, swearing, painting.  Did I mention swearing?  But I've only actually finished ONE thing!  I'm still waiting on some knobs to arrive from overseas and it's still been ridiculously cold and wet for anything to dry properly.

I bought this dresser from a friend who's uncle had sadly passed away.  He had a whole heap of bedroom furniture that I happily took off her hands for a great price.  They had a big job clearing out his house so I think they were happy for someone to come and pick it up.  It had a veneer finish but was still in great condition.

(That isn't me by the way.  She's much skinnier.)

I removed the mirror as I found it a little imposing.  Here she is now with a few coats of white...

Gone are the plain and boring white Ikea drawers.  We now have a classy broad in it's place!

These are the bedside tables before ....

Those knobs on the bottom drawer make it look like some old used up droid from the Star Wars movies.

Here is one all tizzied up...

I have only shown you one as Mr T is still to clean out all the crap in his top drawer.  I'm just not ready for that.  I would still like to get new lamps and a mirror to go on each side above the bedsides.  It is only me who finds it so difficult to style my bedroom the right way?  I can never seem to get it right.  Aaaanyways, it's where I sleep so it's not like I'll be eyeballing all night.

I secured some storage space the other day in order to give me more room in the garage to paint and, well, move.  I can move it all in next week.  Until then I think I might have a "swear jar" on hand.  I could end up a very rich woman.

Once I have completed every single item I have left in the garage/storage, I will start my shop hunt.  We came across a fantastic one the other day, but I have decided to stop looking until I'm totally ready.  Don't want to over-commit myself.

I hope the sun is shining where you are.  My right hand is frozen.

Peace out!

Megs x


03 August 2012

I'm Registered!

Meg and Mum's is now a registered business - hooray!  I will be flat out in the next few weeks painting (this STUPID weather permitting of course) and getting ready to stock up and hopefully score myself some shop space.

When I haven't been painting, I've had my nose buried in my laptop getting registered with the appropriate social network sites (there are some great ones out there for local small businesses) and talking to my accountant.

I'm feeling incredibly positive and have chosen to ignore any people around me who have been sipping on Haterade and stomping on my flame.  Talk to the hand I say!  Not that there are that many :)

Aside from that my family have been very supporting and encouraging, particularly Mr T.  We talked about trying the market stalls out first, but I can't seem to find any here in Adelaide who facilitate furniture stalls.  Also by the time we factor in truck rental to move the furniture, stall fees, unloading at 5am and packing up again hoping not to damage anything in the process, we may as well have our own shop to store it permanently.  I will still work my other job one day a week and some typing at home here and there and this should cover my rent, or at least most of it.  I have been looking at bigger shops that sell vintage furniture and home wares and I might approach them about maybe renting out some space from them.  I can only try.  I'm a total newbie when it comes to this so I may look like an idiot to begin with, but I couldn't care less.

So hopefully in the next few weeks I'll have some more news regarding this, but in the meantime I'll certainly have some photos for you.

Stay tuned!

Megs x