25 September 2012


I will be missing in action for a while unfortunately.  I have been on crutches for the past few weeks with my stupid knee and have been frustratingly waiting to see the surgeon.  A few weeks ago I had managed to do quite a few pieces but haven't been able to put the finishing touches to them because I've been leg up on the lounge.  In fact, I haven't been able to go my part time job for five weeks, I haven't been able to drive and this afternoon was my first outing out of the house (a visit to the doc mind you) since the Saturday before last!  I have watched two seasons of Mad Men, my legs are fatter and my ass is flatter. It is driving me CRAZY sitting around doing nothing, especially with the beautiful weather we've been getting.

I hope to have it sorted/fixed in the next few weeks once these guys work out who's going to fix it.  But they have made me wait too long.  What used to be my knee is now a giant ball of mash potato for a lack of a better phrase.  Therefore I have decided that if I don't hear from them tomorrow I am taking my butt down to the Emergency Room to check myself in and I won't leave until someone helps me.  It's become that desperate.

The story is I had a giant cell tumor removed in my early twenties and had major surgery in which they removed my tumor along with the bone it was wrapped around and replaced it with a donor's bone, which they got from the "Bone Bank" mind you!  I had never heard of one of those but apparently they exist.  They then cemented it in.  I have had a few arthroscopic surgeries since then, but they told me if I could hang until I was 40 they would do a knee replacement.  In the meantime the arthritis has hit me so hard this year.  I have a torn meniscus in two places, hardly any cartilage left, a Bakers cyst behind my knee and a bunch of bits and pieces floating around the cement.  How rude.

Please forgive me for being a stick in the mud and I don't mean to bring anyone down.  I just didn't want you thinking I'd vanished off the face of the Earth.

I hope you're all happy to stick around.  Wish me luck!  I'm sure I'll be back on my feet in no time!  Just don't tell me to break a leg.

Megs x