Came Up Short at the Storage Auction

For someone with a vintage and used goods store, visiting a storage locker auction is a very good use of your time. It isn’t always my favorite source of inventory, but you never know what you will find. I spend my days scouting and try to leave no stone unturned. In this way, you can offer the public more unique and coveted items. As I survey the auction scene, I wasn’t impressed and found most of the stuff rather mundane and boring. I want my store to have more pizzazz so I passed on most of what the auction had to offer. However, I did spot a portable generator in the corner and thought to myself, now here is something I can use for myself or sell. Have you ever had the power go out at unexpected times? If so, you understand the necessity of a home generator or at least a portable one to keep the lights on for a while.

I will use the small generator for the shop as once in a while we have pretty fierce storms. Generators can be waiting in the wings to salvage your day—or night. You can use batteries or propane fuel depending upon the type you plan to use. An old one is inexpensive and has plenty of good life left in it. I got the generator very cheap. I love saving money so I can spend what I have on new inventory and antiques. Good ones are costly and I want the shop to have a nice mixture of prices. People notice when you have a gem that can command a high price. These items are few and far between in my area so my customers know they can get something rare and special from time to time.

Speaking of generators, I was in the midst of showing a new acquisition—a silk bee pattern covered sofa—that was exquisite. It was in great condition and the customer wanted a full inspection. Suddenly the power went out. I didn’t want to lose a very good sale that was almost a month’s revenue. It was such bad timing, but I ran to activate the generator and we soon had our overhead lights. I also keep flashlights so people can see into the recesses of a piece of furniture. They are looking for flaws that will lower the price. In this case, the sofa was perfect and I made a really good sale. The electricity went back on in an hour and I turned off the generator. It had done its job. In fact, it helped me make the sale. I think I might want to get a larger, more powerful one next time. You might not be so lucky to get power back in a matter of hours each and every outage time.

Business has been good in spite of the weather and I continue to stock the store with wonderful finds. I love to refinish in my small adjacent workshop. You will find me there much of the time.