Just Found a Gorgeous Piece!

Yesterday Mum and I caught wind of an old chapel being remodeled. We knew this could potentially mean there were means for them to be selling items. We love purchasing items that have history to them, like solid oak church pews from the early 1900’s – nothing could be more beautiful! Furniture pieces with a history behind them create a dialogue between us and our customers, who love hearing about how we found them! When we sell these items, we swell with pride, because we know something that could have potentially been thrown in a junkyard is finding a new life in a home with a family. I particularly like selling these pieces because I love telling buyers how the unique items will translate as a conversation piece when they entertain.

As we pulled up to the chapel, on its grassy little hill in the countryside, we saw men moving a large stained-glass window down steep concrete steps. While Mum introduced herself to the chapel’s committee, handing out business cards and creating chit-chat, I followed the construction workers to their van, where the stained glass window was now propped against. It was gorgeous. Green and red floral patterns with the pains unpainted and unstained, a nice, solid wood that could be easily restored and preserved with a little shine. We made quick about our intentions – we wanted to buy the stained glass window and any others if there were any.

They were friendly enough, although they did seem a little stand-offish at first. Of course, they hadn’t expected two random women to show up and ask for prices. Mother was fair with them and I think they could tell. She explained that we often sell stained glass windows in our shop and that they can go for quite a lot; she didn’t want to offer them a price they weren’t comfortable with. In my head, while she spoke with them,

I imagined how gorgeous the window would look embedded into the top of a dining room table with a protective glass over it, instead of simply hanging on a wall. The green was bright and happy, while the red was deep and rich inside of its pure wooden frame. We learned that the church was planning on installing new stained glass windows with more religious depictions – Jesus with a lamb, a cross with a sun settling deep and orange behind it.

I also imagined the window hanging in a green room or positioned in a garden with vines growing and flowers blooming around it. There was so much potential for the piece and I knew we had to have it. In the end, we settled on a price with them that was a deal for both parties and Mum and I squealed with delight after we loaded it in our pick-up and drove out of the chapel’s parking lot, waving good-bye.

On the drive home, I told Mum about the ideas I had for the window and she agreed. There really is nothing better than finding a gorgeous piece that we hadn’t anticipated. My favorite part of our adventure today was not just finding the stained-glass window, but getting to go through the process of driving into the country, learning about a chapel built in the early 1800’s, and returning to our shop with a treasure filling our trunk.