New Merchandise (with Bonus Pests!)

Yikes! Suddenly I have roaches in our formerly pristine shop. It must be because of the boxes I brought in recently from an estate sale. I got new merchandise, but with bonus pests. All of a sudden, I needed to learn about DIY pest control.

I wanted to find a safe, nontoxic roach killer bug bomb that would not cause me and mum to have respiratory problems. You must go to the health food store and not your usual source. If they don’t have it, I found several places on line that guarantee safety and results. I know some people rely on roach traps, but I will probably put them down and forget about them and their chemical contents. It’s a good think I don’t have a pet in the store. But customers often bring a small dog or cat and a roach trap could spell disaster to snoopy pets.

These pests got into nooks and crannies of the store and I was so fearful that I would have them as permanent residents. In the future, I will unpack boxes outside in the alley and inspect the merchandise carefully before bringing anything inside. I can wipe each piece off and/or spray it with something to kill insects. Those tiny ones are harder to see than the nasty big black roaches. It was a sorry day when this invasion happened. If I visit a home where the owner wants to sell wood furniture or decorative items, I will inspect for termite damage. Bugs can lie dormant in unexpected places. Now pest control is part and parcel of my vintage store business. Mum prefers not to deal with it and has left the responsibility to me. Okay, I can handle it when it happens, but most of all I am into prevention.

One day when a good customer was in the store, a large roach scurried across the floor right at her feet. She was appalled. I was appalled. I told her I had sprayed but needed a second application. Please forgive me, I begged. I talked about the boxes from an estate sale and promised that my shop was spotless and clean. It would never happen again. She understood. I am sure that is a warning to you, she added, not to bring just anything into the store. It could have been anywhere accumulating God knows what. We all face bug problems we agreed, but sometimes it is harder to stomach when you operate a public place. I was thinking all the while that I hope the customer would return. In fact, she did so a week later. I was so grateful; and I didn’t expect to make a sale. She trusted my word that no roaches or other pests had been seen since that day. But, let me tell you, it takes a keen eye to be sure.

We are back to normal in mum’s and my vintage shop and everything is squeaky clean and bug-free.