New Use for Something Old

I often find myself getting tired of items around my own home, the same way I’m not interested in a dress I’ve owned for a year and always go out and buy a new one. It’s easy to become bored with your home decor, even if you still love it, you may get tired of seeing it (kind of like a husband!). But there is a lot you can do just with what’s lying around at home to make your house feel new and fresh again. If you have an old blanket that you’ve recently discovered isn’t your favorite texture in the world, you can use it as fabric for a throw pillow! This is a particularly popular option during the fall and winter when you’re not sure what to do with thick blankets that are starting to damage in the dryer. They may not be blanket material anymore, but they’ll look great for throw pillows and add a warm charm to your room.

You can even turn an old sweater into a cover for decorative pillows. One of my favorite mustard yellow sweaters got a hug hole in its sleeve after I stupidly chose to garden with it on and a particularly thorny rose bush caught me by surprise. I couldn’t bear to throw it out, but then realize that the fabric of it was a fantastic color and texture that would match my den! I took it to Mum (a much better sewer than me) and she turned the tunic of my old sweater into a more than satisfactory pillow cover.

One of my favorite and recent re-purposes was turning my late father’s old hat into a lampshade for my husband’s office. It’s a quirky piece that looks masculine and interesting in a room full of books and leather. Its sentimental value is amazing as well, and I feel so proud to see it in my home rather than stored away somewhere in a closet with board games and spare batteries.

I challenge you to walk through your home today and try and find new uses for old items. Is there a way you can give it more life or a new life? Ask yourself. You’d be surprised how infectious creativity and resourcefulness can be. You may even end up taking up the hobby full time!