Out with the Old

I have a creative outlet. While others have sports or personal hobbies and games, Mum and I have a vintage shop that contains the coolest stuff around. People come from near and far to see what is on the shelves. If something is odd and whimsical, we buy it. Many cast off items that people don’t want are repurposed to make something new and useful. Mum has led the way for a while and now I am on my own. Where someone would say “out with the old,” I would say “I can make it new.” I love a challenge.

In the resale business, it is all about giving something a new look. If it catches your fancy, you can buy it in our shop. Negotiations and trades are always welcome. I am also somewhat of a “picker” out exploring for exciting finds. I can spot a gem in a pile of junk. Sometimes it needs a bit of welding, gluing, or otherwise fixing to make it work. I specialize like those guys on TV who like motorcycles and cars. I go for something with decorative potential small enough for any home.

Here is a prime example. Recently, I decided to replace the toilet in the guest bathroom that has been on the fritz. I am tired of the leaking, which was when I decided to turn to the internet and went to find the best toilet to replace my old one with. I intended to clean it up the old one after I’d removed it and bring it back to life as a planter for the backyard. There is already a lot of funky stuff out there, so it wouldn’t look out of place or alone. I saw it in my mind’s eye with lush, green ivy pouring from its wide-open basin. Its shiny whiteness would stand out among the plethora of nature’s colors in the vegetable garden. It would stand close to its soul mate, a square painted sink. My yard is a statement about the old and the new, about modern life and the old world of growing your own food. Whatever you want to say about it, it is just plain whimsy and fun. That’s my style.

I can help customers save themselves from the dreary and the mundane, who don’t want their environment to look like everyone else’s. I will find this and that to add glamour to the ordinary in any home. Old ceramic plates adorn my kitchen walls and an old metal bottle holder is a great cup rack. If you need lighting, I have the most unusual lamps repurposed from another era. A new shade and an old base and voila! You have art. Give me an old chair begging for recovering, and I can make magic with the frame. An antique bicycle makes a great wall sculpture in a man’s office.

I am on the hunt for more old toilets since my friends all want this utilitarian planter. I put an ad in the reginal paper and got many calls. If you have such an item, I am heading your way, the toilet picker supreme.