Quick and Fun DIY Project

I have been in this vintage business for some time. I love working with Mum, exploring for new finds, and creating a more exciting inventory. You get a lot of repeat customers so you must keep them happy with your discoveries. If they frequent a shop like mine, they love the used and worn, and expect to see repurposed goods at any given time. They don’t work on them personally they tell me, but they appreciate what I add to their appearance. Everyone likes a handpainted item in their home that speaks of originally artistry and quality effort. I had start the painting technique a while back with a lot of success and worked on not only furniture, but appliances, wood boxes, and a few times a bathroom scale. Now that is originality said one customer who came in often to see what she could find. I wish I could paint, she exclaimed. I love to see what you come up with.

Having tackled so many projects, I was getting bored with chest of drawers and side tables and decided to work on creating the best ceiling fans my customers have ever seen. What would I do? Would anyone notice customized blades. Rather than invest in any, I wanted to give it a try first and I took often the blades from my own office fan. I would reinstall them and see if the customers mentioned them at all. Sometimes when there is so much in a shop like mine, no one thing gets immediate attention. It takes time. So, I got out my sketchbook and looked at some previous designs. I wanted something that would not just be at the end of the blade, but that would cover its surface with color like a trailing vine. This would be lovely in a sunporch to grace the ceiling and add interest to the space.

I proceeded to adorn the blades and didn’t even need to practice. I had been handpainting all kinds of imagery for so long. This would be a breeze, figuratively and literally. The blades when in motion are wonderful for circulating air, but at rest they will be objets d’art. The customers did take notice and rather rapidly after I had returned the blades to their original location. More than one the first week requested a custom job. Everyone had a different idea of what they wanted and what colors. Some asked me to come over and see their fans so I could help them decide on the decoration. I more than obliged. It gave me inspiration and set me in the right direction. This was going to be a great addition to my normal business. I sell things as is, refurbished, and now handpainted and upgraded. The vintage business can be as interesting and fun as you like.

Handpainting is becoming a staple of my business as time goes on and customers spread the word. There is no better publicity other than what is sitting (or hanging there) in your shop.