The Perfect Finishing Touch

Many of us have stories about our mothers and their odd taste and behavior. My mom was unique and had a particular zest for life—in any era. She loved to collect vintage things from times long ago. I don’t know if it was nostalgia or just a quirkiness of her nature. It made exploring a lot of fun. As years have gone by, she and I now join forces to give new life to the used, tossed away, discarded, and old. We love nothing more than vintage classics that can be repurposed for new use. We ultimately found so many great items that we opened a shop. It is full of the best, coolest, and most desirable vintage pieces around. We spend our lives stocking it with new finds. People know us well and come from far and wide when they need something special—a Tiffany lamp, a three-cushion settee, a Persian rug from the last century, and more. We have old glass, carved wood boxes, ivory sculptures, and all kinds of rarities that please the eye. They don’t kill your budget either as we price them fairly to sell.

We love to take special requests that require us to do research and go hunting in little known places. There are people who sell antiques miles out of town and you must know where as they are off the beaten path. When a customer came in requesting a particular faucet, we knew that we would soon be out and about. She has an oil rubbed bronze colored sink and not just any modern model will do. It has to suit the look she has created. A quest was before us.

We drove for miles that day before stopping at some farms that also sold used items including furniture, kitchen appliances, bric-a-brac, and china. Not everyone had a selection of oil rubbed bronze faucets. We continued our motoring venture for a few more hours that day. Finally, we struck gold. One makeshift shop in the back of an old sprawling home had knobs, drawer pulls, and faucets.

Eureka! We loved having a choice and not settling for one lone item. We had seen mobile phone photos of our customer’s sink so we knew what was likely to fit. We had to use our imaginations as we handled each faucet with loving care.