Unexpected Cheer

I must have been born with some artistic talent as I seem to be able to draw and paint. This comes in handy when you have a vintage store as you can refurbish furniture and personalize it with handpainted designs. There was a fad for this kind of work a while back and in my store, it continues. People still ask to have their own pieces done if they don’t buy one of mine. So, I take custom requests all the time. You might say I have a local reputation. When I have free time, I look for things to paint. Meanwhile I keep a sketchbook of ideas. A lot of my work revolves around nature: fruit on vines, flowers, clouds in the sky, and lush trees. It just depends on the size of the object to be painted. If it is a small wood box, I will use my finest brushes. I might need a magnifying glass so I can clearly see my work. You get much better results this way. I don’t need it for children’s furniture and I do cribs and chairs all the time. I can do cartoon characters and playful scenes as requested. Some people like a circus theme and others stay with traditional images of nature.

I recently took my handiwork to another level when I accidentally found a bathroom scale on sale at the hardware store that was a boring, stark white. It was a perfect canvas for creative designs and this would be an item that I could sell in my store. Now who would ever see such a thing anywhere else? If one is successful, I will purchase more and vary the decorations to suit customer tastes. Some people like humor as getting on the scale isn’t much fun for most. They don’t relish rising numbers over time. So, I want to bring a smile to their faces to break the dark mood that can accompany weight gain. So here is some unexpected cheer for your life.

My store is like that—unexpected finds. It is small, but cram full of interesting things. People can spend an hour exploring and I don’t mind how long they stay. It is all about making a sale when you have a business of any type. But it is also about creativity and fun. I serve the need to enhance lifestyles. This makes me very pleased indeed. People tell me that they never tire of my unusual objects. The person who bought the handpainted scale went on for a long time about how it provides such amusement in his life. So what’s next? Handpainted stoves and refrigerators? I think I am more inclined to decorative tiles that you can install over the sink. I can do an orchard, a farm scene, a lake with boats, or cooking images that suit the space. The point is to keep thinking of new ideas and to utilize my skills to spread the fun.