Would Have Been OK If I Owned a Boat

When I am dealing with antiques and used items of yore, I exist in a different world than normal. When I am staining a chair, my mind is a million miles away imaging where this chair once resided. When I handpaint designs to decorate boring chests of drawers or end tables, I am in the zone. It is not a matter of arts and crafts, but of bringing something to life. This takes my emotional energy and I forget about practical matters. I sometimes let my household chores go. I don’t pay attention to anything until a problem happens and then I jump in feet first.

Most of the time things go along nicely on an even keel. But sometimes not. Not long ago, my old water heater cracked and flooded the garage. What a disaster. I had to have servicemen come at a hefty price. They drained the water and set up drying fans. They reminded me that it could happen to anyone, and actually it occurs quite often. I had been thinking about a tankless water heater because one was acquired by a friend and they extolled the great features and money savings involved, that they learned about here. You will see your utility bills go down. If you use a lot of hot water, you will never runout. They take up less space and are easy to install in a garage, basement, or attic. I wish I had gone forward with my thoughts before I incurred cleanup charges.

Now it is time to take action. I must turn my attention away from the shop and direct it to my home. Once the tankless water heater is in action, I can relax and worry no longer about a leak. It would have been okay if I lived on a waterproof boat. Fortunately, the water stayed in the garage and only travelled out under the door into the yard. Imagine your fine furnishings and rugs if it happened inside the house. I still have an old water heater at the store and now I am thinking about a tankless model here as the damage could be great if it also cracked. It is equally old, in fact it might be older as I am not the first person to own the shop in this building. It is time to update. But it costs a pretty penny for two.

I decided to have a quick sale to raise some fast money and I emailed all my former customers and friends. There is nothing like the word “discount” to draw people over, and it worked. I was able to move a lot of items, some of which had been lolling about the store for a long time. I covered my tankless water heater expenses with no trouble and my budget was no longer in the red. You might think about saving for such a contingency as a leak so you won’t be caught short.